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What is prophylaxis or dental cleaning?

It consists on the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar loads formed around the teeth.

It is important to keep periodic checks to achieve a healthy mouth and smile, visiting the dentist every 6 months and implementing the correct brushing techniques with a good brush (soft and with a small head). Toothpastes are also of great help because they allow us to keep a fresh breath and a healthy dental color. A correct cleaning allows us to achieve a natural whitening of the teeth, because the only presence of bacterial plaque and tartar makes the teeth look yellowish because they get pigmented with food, drinks, and mostly Tabaco.


What is fluorine useful for?

Fluorine is a mineral with lots of properties and is useful for cavity prevention because it reinforces the teeth enamel making them more resistant to the acids of the bacterial plaque microorganisms.

It is also useful for dental sensitivity treatment because it creates a protective layer on the enamel making the stimulus (cold, hot) not have repercussions on the teeth. Before the exam, and dental cleaning, it is applied in the consulting room, having to be applied periodically.

microorganismos de la placa bacteriana. También nos es útil para tratamientos de sensibilidad dentaria porque genera como una capa protectora en el esmalte haciendo que los estímulos (frío, calor) no repercutan en el diente. Previo examen, y limpieza dental, se coloca en el consultorio, debiendo ser aplicado por el odontólogo periódicamente.


What is a resin?

It is a generic name given to some restorative aesthetic materials used to cover teeth after removing cavities.

What is an amalgam?

It is a metallic material containing silver, mercury and other elements used to cover teeth.

What is an incrustation?

It is a piece made of metal, ceramic or with a glass base, used for teeth reconstruction which have been affected by cavities or fractures.

What is a crown?

It is a sheath used for teeth restoration or bridge settlement. It can be made of different materials such as metal porcelain, non-metal porcelain or other aesthetic materials.

What is root canal useful for?

Root canal treatment serves as a source to achieve the permanency of a tooth or root in the mouth. It consists on removing the tooth’s nerve and feeling the canal with an antiseptic and permanent paste.

What is the difference between a fixed and removable bridge?

A removable bridge is held to the mouth through hooks and supports on the gums. It should be removed for cleaning and it is not necessary to wear down the teeth for its positioning. To put a fixed bridge it is necessary to wear down the teeth, since it holds itself through crowns and incrustations. It is more aesthetic and doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning.

What is an implant?

It is a biocompatible element (admitted without rejection from the organism), generally made of titanium, which replaces the patient’s dental root so after its integration to the bone, (osseointegration, takes between 3-6 months), a crown can be placed over this which is what can be seen. We would be replacing the missing dental piece. By a surgical technique it is placed inside the maxillary bone using local anesthesia (just one surgical procedure).

How is periodontal treatment (for the gums) like and what is it useful for?

It consists in a deep cleaning for those patients who present problems of insertion loss (loss of support bone of the teeth) generating a root exposure and movement of the teeth, besides bleeding of the gums. The treatment is done in sessions, with local anesthesia and by sections. Sometimes it could be necessary to use a series of surgical procedures used to preserve the teeth. This treatment must have continuity as long as a thorough professional control.

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