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What should I do if a bracket falls out?

The treatment causes a mild nuisance, but if there’s a lot of pain and the bracket is loose you can remove it with tweezers and put it somewhere safe to take it to the dentist so he can put it back.

Is the treatment painful?

It causes a mild nuisance but only during the first steps when the teeth star to move, then they are just adjustments that may be a little bit uncomfortable but disappear after the consult. Also, it is very common for blisters to appear especially in the inner area of the lips but this can be sorted with creams prescripted by the dentist.

How often should I visit the orthodontist?

The treatment follow up is done approximately every 25 or 30 days, not sooner, since the dental tissues have a biological time that should be respected to be able to generate the proper movement of each tooth without damaging any structure and preventing its movement by trying to rush.

What should I do when a wire punctures me and I feel pain?

Try seeing your orthodontist so he can fix it. If this is not possible go to a dental guard so they can cut it or bend it. Never try to cut it yourself as you may break the rest of the braces or release a bracket.

Once I finish the treatment, the position of the teeth is permanent?

Yes. You can eat whatever you want but you need to be careful with hard or sticky food. You cant use your teeth to bite food, you need to cut it and take it to your mouth. Also it is advised not to eat sweets because they may adhere to the brackets and release them.

¿Una vez en tratamiento puedo comer cualquier cosa?

Sí. Puedes comer lo que quieras pero debes tener cuidado puntualmente con las comidas duras y/o pegajosas. No puedes usar los dientes para desgarrar o morder la comida, tienes que cortarla y llevarla a la boca. Tampoco es recomendable masticar golosinas (goma de mascar, caramelos, gomitas, etc.) porque pueden adherirse a los brackets y despegarlos.


Do I need an X ray for the treatment?

Yes. They are very important before starting treatment because we can see if there are retained teeth (inside the bone), extra teeth or missing pieces. We can also see teeth or bone fractures, infections and wisdom teeth.

At what age can I start an orthodontic treatment?

Generally orthodontics is done when all permanent pieces are in, mosty around the age of 11 or 12, which doesn’t mean there are no cases where some preventive treatment or orthopedics (removable apparatus) is used.

Is it necessary to remove dental pieces to receive the treatment?

Not always, it depends on the space needed to align the teeth and every case in particular. If it happens to be necessary this will be discussed with your dentist and the best option will be chosen.

If my teeth move, can I do an orthodontic treatment?

If it is mild and under control, you can do the treatment, if not, the best option is not to do the treatment since it can worsen the situation.

How should I sanitize having braces?

There are special brushes in the market for orthodontics that you can use, and also interdental brushes (to sanitize between the wire and the brackets). Also there are mouthwashes to combat plaque.

Can my teeth deteriorate with orthodontics?

Orthodontics doesn’t cause cavities and stains and also doesn’t make your teeth weak. If the patient doesn’t sanitize well during treatment, cavities may appear, specially around brackets because of plaque.

How long is the treatment?

Usually they take 1 – 2 years depending on each case and the patient’s cooperation. It also depends on the tissue modification that comes with the new teeth’s position.

Is it possible to straighten the teeth without an orthodontic treatment?

No, without brackets it is very difficult to align teeth and make them even. There are removable apparatus, but those are for maxillary growth and are used on kids because they haven’t finished their development.

What is containment?

It is the most important stage of the treatment and is used to keep the teeth in the achieved position. If the patient doesn’t use it, there can be a recurrence, which means the dental pieces may return to their previous position. There are different containments and the orthodontist will choose the most suitable type. They can be fixed (with a wire behind the teeth) or removable (used during the day and night and removed for sanitizing and eating.

What is orthodontics useful for?

It is used to make teeth, which are wrongly positioned in each dental span, recover its chewing ability and aesthetic and natural position.

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